Car Window Tinting shop now open!

Car Window Tinting shop now open!

It’s official! East Coast Window Films will now be offering Automotive window tinting for all types of cars, SUV’s and trucks.  We are available by appointment.  We have teamed up with Bill Tyson’s Auto repair which is located 3031 Fortune way, Wellington FL 33414.

The team at Bill Tyson’s Auto Repair have given us use of any available bay so we can fulfill  your every car window tinting needs.  There are many benefits to having your Car Windows Tinted.

  • Auto Window Tinting keeps your cars interior cooler, making it easier for your vehicles air conditioning system to cool you off.
  • Car Window Tinting rejects harmful ultra violet rays that could be damaging to your health while protecting your vehicles interior from fading.
  • Lets face it, having your cars windows tinted improves the look of your car while giving you added privacy.
  • Tinting your car will help remove added glare and make driving more enjoyable.


East Coast Window Films is a proud exclusive Huper Optik dealer.  We provide our customers with the highest quality films available.  There aren’t many shops in this area that offer true ceramic car Window tinting services.  Our ceramic line of car Window tinting film can reduce up to 63% thermal heat.   We carry a film for every budget and operate on a good, better and best principle.  The better the film the higher the heat rejection.  Our prices start at $139 for a 2 door car and can go up to $349 for true Ceramic film.  Our bays are clean so that we can provide you with clean and freshly tinted windows!

  Many people like having their 2 front windows tinted to match the rear.  Most SUV’s and pick up trucks come factory tinted.  The factory always leaves out the front two windows.  Our Xtreme line of car window tinting film is a perfect match to the factory tinted windows.

Auto Window Tinting Match Factory Tint

Contact us to book your appointment today!  After you get your windows tinted check in on Facebook tagging a photo of your tinted car and receive a 10% discount.

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